Flooded Basement

Flooded Basement – A Few Important Things For Your Safety

If your basement has been flooded with water and in a worse case when the liquid is contaminated, do not be tempted to enter the area immediately to save your belongings until the professionals tell you that it is safe. Contaminated water will not only pose health hazards due to harmful germs and chemicals present in them, but the water may also contain wild animals that can bite you and cause further trouble in an already troubled situation. First of all, you need to consider yours and your family’s safety and health. Here we bring you a list of some important things that you need to do in such a circumstance.

Risk of Electrical Appliances

Having a flooded basement brings with it the legitimate risk of getting an electrical shock due to open electrical appliances. Hence, it is wise to switch off the main electrical power if you think you can do it safely.

Threat From Gas Leaks

It is very important to save yourself from any possible gas leaks in the house. So, if you smell gas inside the basement area then immediately contact the local authorities.

Sewage Containing Harmful Germs

Most of the flood related disease mainly comes from harmful bacteria and other germs that transmit disease. It might be that your basement has been flooded from the sanitary sewer that may contain raw sewage. Always ensure that you wear protective items such as safety glasses, face mask, and gloves. If your hands come in contact with sewage water, always remember to clean your hands and disinfect them thoroughly.

Staying Safe From Any Chemicals

When cleaning your basement, you might be exposed to a wide variety of contaminants that can pose health risks to you and this risk also comes from the cleaning agents used to clean and disinfect the area. When you enter the cleaning stage of the restoration process, always make sure that you properly ventilate the area and limit your direct exposure to chemicals as much as possible. If the water is contaminated with harmful chemicals, then it would be wise to call a specialist who has all the advanced facilities available for protection from health hazards.

Structural Damage

This might not be a very common occurrence, however do not forget that a flood does have the ability to weaken the walls and ceiling structures. If you feel that the building structure might have been comprised due to the disaster, then immediately vacate the space and call a good water damage restoration company to help you.
There may be many restoration companies in your area but do not settle for the first one that you contact. Instead take quotes from as many service providers as possible and then choose among them. Besides getting an estimate for the cost involved for restoration, don’t forget to ask whether their technicians are certified and the years of experience they have in the field as this might help you choose the right service provider.

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